What Beliefs are Limiting You?

Before you can change your limiting beliefs, you need to be aware of what they are.  This means careful observation, asking probing questions and being open and willing to change.

We may not be aware of many of our beliefs.  They are hidden agreements that you made that are still influencing your life today for better or worse.
When you are unaware, you remain in the dark–trapped in a prison from which you have the power to be free but cannot find the key (think of a fly that buzzes trapped against a glass window when the open door is but a few feet away).
Below are few summary insights for identifying limiting beliefs to get you started:
The World as Your Mirror.  Your reality is a reflection of the beliefs you hold about yourself, others and the world. In this sense, it is a mirror of your beliefs and a great ally in helping you identify them.
With a problem area in mind, look at the blocks, challenges or limitations you are experiencing and ask yourself the question, 'What must I believe for this to be the case?'. Write down what you reveal.
Seeing your life as a mirror can help you reveal beliefs that you may not be conscious of yet that are playing out in your reality. It also helps you take radical responsibility of your life, which leads to freedom and empowerment. Taking responsibility bestows the power upon you to change.
Emotional Allies.  Your feelings are a great tool for uncovering and exploring your beliefs, as are the thoughts that accompany them (and vice versa). For example, if you want to manifest more money yet every time you think of money you feel lack, frustration, anger or pain, explore these feelings further to examine and identify the thoughts and beliefs that lie behind them.
Root out the beliefs behind your painful and uncomfortable feelings in a given area. Notice what triggers your emotions and why, what recurrent themes or 'hot spots' lie within you, and what this tells you about the beliefs you may hold about yourself, others and the world.
Blockages.  Your blockages can be an effective way to unearth limiting beliefs. Life was not meant to be a struggle! If there is constriction, limiting patterns or hardship in your life, there is a belief there to be examined.
Many of your fears relate directly to your beliefs in a given area. What are you most afraid of?  Why? Often fears come from past wounding experiences that you wish to avoid. These very experiences may have formed a limiting belief (which is causing you current fear or anxiety).
What you judge in another can also reveal hidden beliefs, including unconscious negative self-beliefs that you project onto the world. Jealousy, control, blame and victim hood can also all point to un-serving beliefs that may need changing and aligning.
This is the third article in a seven-part series.
Formerly an IS Consultant designing and implementing global enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, Rachel Lavern is a Certified LifeSuccess Coach and a business partner of Bob Proctor. She specializes in using success principles to help people live without limits via workshops and keynote speeches across the country. Her mission is to teach women entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to earn a six- or seven-figure income how to become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL at selling.

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