The 13 Crystal Skulls And The Human Body

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The 13 Crystal Skulls

The 13 Crystal Skulls are human shaped skulls made of different types of crystalline material, most commonly quartz. They do indeed go way back much further in our history than the cultures to which we had originally ascribed these skulls.

Where they were discovered is not necessarily where they originated. These skulls go back as far as 30,000 years ago and some were present in the Atlantean culture. Many skulls were later transported from Atlantis to neighboring North, Central and South American Continents which were close to the Western part of the Atlantean Empire.

When the Atlantean empire began to dissolve and fall apart many of the Skulls and other things were taken to safer locations on neighboring continents. The Atlantean culture, rituals and the interactions with the crystal skulls continued up until around 10,500 B.C. To about 7000 B.C.

Utilization of these skulls began to wane with time as the culture began to change. There were a few individuals who maintained the knowledge of the skulls. Using the skulls became a “lost art form” so to speak.

Who Created The Crystal Skulls

Some of these skulls were created on Atlantis and others were created pre- Atlantean. In the early days before Atlantis was a cohesive society, there were certain individuals who would come together to create new ways and ideas of expressing intelligence and consciousness. Thirteen masters were the ones who each created one of the Master Skulls.

The primary significance of the 13 Skulls coming together is to signify the consciousness of the 13 original creators coming together. Each individual skull creator had their own unique vibration, unique consciousness, unique intelligence that was infused into the creation of the skull.

The Crystal Skulls were cut and formed using sonic vibration via a crystal. The sonic vibration made a type of sound vibration that allowed pieces of the crystal skull that were not needed to be removed and shaped through sonic vibration.

The 13 original creators came together from various parts of the world to each individually create their own skull from a piece of quartz crystal. After they each created their skulls they went back to their home place with their crystal skull.

The number 13 represents transformation.

The Human Body Is One Giant Crystal

Quartz crystals are a crucial element in transmitter-receiver technology and can be found in devices like computers, digital audio players, televisions, watches, cell phones, sonar and radar. Your computer screen is called a LCD. Short for liquid crystal display.

Bruce Lipton, a research scientist and former medical professor, produced a detailed study of the cell membrane in his book, Biology Of Belief. Lipton concluded that the membrane of every cell is a liquid crystal semiconductor. Semiconductors are excellent conductors of electricity and can also be used as insulators.

Anything that is computerized or uses radio waves depends on semiconductors, and here we have a semiconductor liquid-crystal membrane encasing every cell in our bodies and we have up to 75 trillion of them.

We were taught that the nucleus was the control center of the cell , but when it is removed the cell will keep on functioning. In fact, the cell receives it's information through molecular antennae on the liquid crystal membrane.

To go even one step further DNA is a crystalline substance with a shape that makes it a perfect receiver transmitter. From the characteristic form of this giant molecule, a wound double helix, the DNA represents an ideal electromagnetic antenna.

DNA with its crystalline structure, is a very powerful receiver, transmitter and amplifier of the frequencies or light that connects us to the Universe.

The Earth is loaded with crystal. Quartz crystal is one of the most abundant of all minerals and appears in every grain of sand, in quartzite and granite, and is found in nearly every type of rock. Quartz crystal has the ability to generate a fixed frequency and convert vibration into an electrical signal and that is exactly what our five senses do.

The Run Down On The Crystal Body

The human body is a crystalline receiver transmitter and decoder of information. The five senses decode information from vibrational wave-states and transmit it to the brain as electrical signals. The brain is made up of crystalline cells which decodes the information into an apparently three-dimensional world that appears to be outside of us, but only exists in that form inside of our brains.

The Link Between Crystals And Communication

It has been speculated that the missing capstones of all the Great Pyramids in the world were actually made of crystal and not limestone. We were taught in school that the pyramids were burial chambers for the Kings, which is not at all true. The Great Pyramids were actually giant receivers and senders of information. Basically a communication tower. That is why ruins of pyramids are found all over the world.

Question For You:  
Do you believe that the human body is one walking, talking receiver of  information/crystal? What do you think after reading this blog post?
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