The Secret to Meeting Your Goals

What is your bad habit, addiction or temptation that you often get sucked into?

The easiest way to ensure that you show up in the world the way you want to is to be a good self-regulator.

Today I will share a quick tip for boosting your willpower and encourage you to use it in your life.

Effective Goal Setting Increases Willpower

It is not a lack of self regulation that stops people from meeting their goals–it is faulty goals.  Research shows that positive phrasing, primers and accountability are key!

Example: Say I was struggling with getting to bed late at night because I was still working and my desired behavior was to be in bed at 10pm.

A bad goal would be, “I am not going to stay up late tonight.” Why? Because it is framed in the negative.  You can boost your self-regulation and support your set goal by flipping it to the positive.

A good goal would be, “I will shut down my computer by 9 pm and start winding down for bed.”

The next component is to use primers.  A primer is anything in your environment that reminds you of your goal. 

My primer, or outside stimulus, would be an alarm to go off on my phone at 8:45pm.

The last component is have accountability.  This means have a living, breathing person know about the goal.  This person should be someone who cares about you and is willing to follow up with you about your goal.  Partner with a friend, coach, family member, neighbor, colleague or anyone you know who wants to support you. 

For my goal, I committed to text messaging my coach as the computer was shutting down that my goal was met.

What is your self-regulation soft spot (the thing you have a hard time getting yourself to consistently do)? Describe it below in the form of a positive goal, tell me what your primer is and what kind of accountability you will put in place to help you meet your goal.


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