How to Bust Your Limiting Beliefs

Last week I wrote a post about how doubting that you can succeed hinders you.  We are all aware that our belief systems are programmed over time beginning in childhood. Our parents, grandparents, educators, siblings and other adult role models told us things such as:

  • we were too little

  • we were too young

  • we were not smart enough to do certain things. 

As adults, the small failures we experienced at school and work reinforce a sense of inadequacy.  The beliefs that we now have trigger our emotions and behaviors.  Many of those beliefs have a limiting nature and this becomes a barrier to reaching our full potential.

For example,  if you unknowingly hold the belief that you are helpless,  your decisions and behaviors will reflect this belief.  Your language may be “ I will never be wealthy because I never had a mentor to teach me how to manage money”.  When you think that a goal is too large, you begin to feel helpless in that circumstance.  It is important to remember that your beliefs create your reality.  Ask yourself if this a reality that you want in your life.

Following are additional examples of common limiting beliefs which may sound familiar to you:

  • I am not good enough to be loved

  • No matter what I do, I should be doing something else

  • If it has not happened yet, it never will

  • I do not know what I want

  • Better stop wanting.  If I get my hopes up, I will get hurt

  • If I fail, I should really feel bad for a long time and be scared to try again

  • I should have worked this out by now

  • If you knew what I am really like, you would not want me

  • I upset people

Beliefs often seem to be facts rather than a choice we are making.  Our beliefs have developed over the years and will continue to change throughout our lives and that is okay.  Remember when people believed that the earth was flat because we were simply ignorant. As we educate ourselves and our level of awareness increases, we can adjust those beliefs accordingly.  

Wouldn't our lives be amazing if we began to consciously select beliefs that support the feelings and behaviors that we want to have.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to adopt beliefs that help us to create the life we really want?  

Following are tips to help you to substitute those negative beliefs that are holding you back with positive, supportive beliefs that build equip you to succeed:

  1. Tune in to your inner voice by journaling.  This helps you to become more aware of the your inner critic's feedback.  This feedback  will provide clues to aid in identifying your limiting beliefs.

  2. Make a list of the limiting beliefs as they surface.  There will be layers, like an onion, attached to some of them.  Just continue to dig deeper.  

  3. Select new beliefs that support your vision.  Question  each limiting belief's truth.  This aids you in replacing it with positive, supportive beliefs.  Choose how you want to be, feel or act in its place.

  4. Create affirmation statements for each of your new beliefs.   Affirmations help you to believe.  Read these statement out loud several times per day.

  5. Have faith and be persistent.  Faith is one of the most powerful positive emotions and can remove limiting beliefs.  Persistence is the sustained effort necessary to induce faith. Lack of persistence and the habit of quitting when temporary defeat is encountered are the most common reasons for failure. Thomas Edison was successful because he did not quit even though he "failed" 10,000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb.

Remember,  if you are exhibiting any signs of self- sabotage, there is a good chance that it resides in some self-limiting belief.  Your success is at risk–you deserve to have the results that you want and deserve.  Bust those beliefs!

To your success!


Rachel Lavern is a Certified LifeSuccess Coach and a business partner of Bob Proctor. She coaches individuals and businesses that want to gain greater personal or business success. She specializes in using Bob Proctor’s principles to create extraordinary growth for her clients’ lives and businesses. She provides workshops and keynote speeches across the country and teaches women entrepreneurs and business owners who want to earn a six- or seven-figure income how to become WILDLY SUCCESSFUL at selling.

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