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mindfulnessI often write about the importance of mindfulness.  I love it when I see that new research has identified multiple benefits of mindfulness.  Following are just a few examples of the benefits of mindfulness:

1.   Stress reduction:  Many studies show that practicing mindfulness reduces stress.  Mindfulness meditation has also been found to increase positive feelings and to decrease anxiety.  Researchers have concluded that mindfulness-based therapy can also be useful in altering our thinking and feeling processes and to improve our emotional regulation.

2.  Less emotional reactivity:  Keeping a mindfulness meditation practice has been found to help people disengage from emotionally upsetting photos and memories.  When we are less emotionally reactive, we are better able to make use of our feelings and choose our behavioral response in words and actions.     

3.   Relationship satisfaction: Several studies have found that a person's ability to be mindful can help predict relationship satisfaction, the ability to respond well to relationship stress and the skill in communicating one's emotions to a partner.  In addition, there is evidence that indicates that mindfulness protects against the emotionally stressful effects of relationship conflict and is positively associated with the ability to express ourselves in social situations.

4.   Other Benefits:  Mindfulness has been shown to enhance our ability to focus, boost our working memory, enhance self-insight and intuition, increase our immune functioning, lower rumination, and boost our cognitive flexibility.

What do you think?  Are you convinced yet?




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